This LPCA-GA approved workshop provides practical information on how to help your clinicians improve the effectiveness and outcomes of their clinical service provision. Topics include an overview of models of effective supervision, effective development of the supervisory relationship, considerations for developing supervisees of differing skills levels, effective evaluation of supervisees, as well as approaches to supervision including individual, group, peer and additional formats. Utilizing thought-provoking case vignettes, ethical decision-making in supervision will also be covered, including incorporation of related sections of the new ACA Code of Ethics released in 2014.

Each 50 - 60 minute training module (1 CE hour each) is followed by a brief knowledge acquisition assessment, which must be passed at 80% proficiency before moving on to the subsequent module. Your certificate will be granted upon successful completion of all modules. Partial CE credit cannot be granted. This course is LPCA-GA approved.

Course curriculum

  1. OVERVIEW: Effective Clinical Supervision: Development, Maintenance and Evaluation of Mental Health Clinicians

  2. MODULE 1: Defining Supervision & the Supervisory Relationship

  3. MODULE 2: Models of Supervision & the Supervisory Session

  4. Module 3: Evaluation & Assessment of Supervisees

  5. Training Evaluation & Certificate of Completion

About this course

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